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Automated supplier request and operational support


Faster for employees to engage with procurement


Successful migration to Bizagi PaaS

Takeda, the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan, is on a journey to digitally automate numerous processes to decrease costs and increase efficiency as a business. Bizagi was deployed in the Global Procurement unit of the business with great success.

The business engagement model was reduced from a three-page form to a workflow-supported web-based questionnaire delivering time and cost-saving results. The project was delivered in just 10 weeks and improved the perception of procurement throughout the business.

The whole first project we deployed from start through to us which for us in Takeda is pretty much revolutionary in terms of a quick delivery. Now we’re looking at future iterations."

Rebecca Karp

Strategic Procurement Processes and Digital Lead


  • Make it easier for business users to engage with procurement (get support sourcing suppliers and executing buyer transaction)
  • Improve usability of manual, 3-page form filling process
  • Increase overall procurement activity and deliver cost savings to business
  • Collaborate with IT to automate process


  • Automated the business engagement model: three-page form converted into web-based questionnaire supported by workflows and business rules
  • Made it faster for employees to engage with procurement
  • Supplier request and operational support (helpdesk) processes within Procurement unit also automated
  • Improved perception of procurement throughout the business
  • Massively increased potential for cost-saving across the business
  • Successful and secure migration to Bizagi cloud