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GNG, a construction engineering company that specializes in building foundations were looking to automate their primary processes to increase traceability across the organization, standardize processes and create a more efficient way of working. One of the primary processes was the Daily Job Report process. There was no daily control of production data, equipment maintenance or work reports. Most notes were made on paper or in spreadsheets, which led to a lack of visibility, which in turn resulted in difficulties in communication and billing errors. 

Working with implementation partner P4Pro, GNG modeled and documented processes to create a standardized way of working with improved visibility and traceability. 47 construction sites have now been digitized and automated, with over 5000 daily job reports now automated. By orchestrating information with Bizagi and integrating with Power BI, GNG now has clear performance indicators from dashboards, helping them to make better business decisions with clear data and real-time updates. Additionally, automated production calculations and billing have helped to save time and money across the construction sites.


  • Automate administrative and primary processes
  • Standardize processes made on paper or in spreadsheets
  • Improve traceability of processes
  • Integrate management tools and enhance their ERP
  • Prevent billing errors from lack of visibility
  • Improve equipment work hours control to reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve visibility for HR regarding performance of employees to adjust pay accordingly


  • 5000 daily job reports automated
  • 47 construction sites digitized and automated
  • Reduction of errors as all validations implemented in forms and scripts
  • Performance indicators and dashboards integrated with Power BI for Business Intelligence
  • Automated status updates emailed to managers and clients, reducing communication failures
  • Automated production calculations and billing
  • Equipment maintenance checklists control for preventative actions
  • Automated calculations for monthly payroll