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increased efficiency across admin

3 months

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weeks from design to deployment

During the COVID 19 pandemic, SCOR’s claims team were forced to work from home. One of their key processes, claims assessment had previously been entirely manual and paper-based, which was no longer viable while working from home. They needed to quickly digitize the process to carry on working efficiently and keep customers satisfied.  

The initiative was completed, entirely remotely, from design through to deployment in just six weeks. The process is now fully digitized, with the team seeing 80% increased efficiencies across all administrative tasks within the first three months of use. Following the UK team’s success, SCOR’s claims process is now being digitized globally across nine different macro-markets. 

“We initiated our first project with Bizagi in the middle of COVID-19… we managed to go live in six weeks, entirely remotely. Nobody actually met in-person throughout the design, construction and roll out of this project. We are now fully digital.” 

Mata Veleta,

Head of Operational Agility


  • Digitize UK claims assessment process to support remote working
  • Introduce automation to eliminate manual, non-value-add tasks
  • Enable an agile working environment to support fast deliveries
  • Create an environment of auditability while embracing local needs
  • Leverage technology to create a collaborative environment


  • UK claims process completed from design to deployment in 6 weeks
  • Previously manual, paper-based environment now fully digitized
  • 80% increased efficiencies across all admin tasks in first 3 months
  • Project executed entirely remotely due to COVID-19
  • Global claims process now being digitized in 9 different macro-markets