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man years of work saved


processes automated

Ease of use and seamless integration enables broadband provider to optimize resources by eliminating manual tasks and improves governance by ensuring employees follow set business processes.

Eidsiva was looking to implement process automation to support its rapidly growing business. Broadband delivery is a highly technical product so Eidsiva had built up an infrastructure of lots of systems to support this, but they were not fully integrated. They used Bizagi to connect their systems and enforce routines within the business. This enabled automated communications with their end customers – a capability that they did not previously possess. As a result, Eidsiva estimates that it has saved three man-years’ worth of work by automating its core process.

Improving the customer experience is the main thing that we have seen from Bizagi but also the fact that we have processes being followed. Before we made routines but people would just go back to their desks and do it the old way.”

Silja Hjelmstadstuen

Head of Process


  • Automate core business processes to free-up time of technical employees
  • Integrate internal systems, as well as large external systems
  • Optimize activities and resources by eliminating manual tasks
  • Improve governance by ensuring that employees follow set business processes
  • Involve end users in development to ensure optimized customer experience


  • Saved 3 man years of work by automating core processes
  • 8 processes now automated in Bizagi with 3 more going into production later this year
  • Elimination of manual tasks, increasing traceability and reducing the risk of errors
  • Automated online customer broadband activation process, which was previously conducted mainly via the phone
  • Automated SMS alerts to customers to provide awareness touchpoints along the customer journey