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customer enquiry cases processed


faster customer call resolution


days a month saved on call logs & resolution


product lifecycle cases processed a month

Bunzl Retail and Healthcare Supplies, part of the wider Bunzl Group, had a vision to enable more connectivity, both within their business between employees, and with suppliers and customers. As the business grew, they wanted to enable a centralized way of working to remove pain-points for stakeholders by using a process automation platform. They began by automating elements of the customer contact center to help employees log and resolve enquiries more efficiently.

Using Bizagi to act as a foundation, Bunzl set about connecting their systems and people to enable a more efficient way of working. Their customer enquiry process was automated to gather data and call logs, so agents are now instantaneously presented with all relevant data on a single screen so they can resolve enquiries faster. The customer service team can resolve calls 33% faster, which equated to seven person-days a month.

Additionally, Bunzl created a sustainability hub using Bizagi Sites, to enable suppliers to submit the composition of their products, which in turn helps customers to make an informed decision about purchasing packaging and other goods. Their most complex use of Bizagi is in the product lifecycle management process, which processes 4,000 cases per month with the standardized process saving time and providing accuracy of data with automated audit trails.


Automatisierung des Managements von Produktlebenszyklen mit Bunzl

Entdecken Sie die Herausforderungen des Lieferkettenmanagements und Möglichkeiten, diese mithilfe der digitalen Prozessautomatisierung zu lösen.

We connect a lot of systems together with Bizagi… it’s important to model the process first and then the online platform makes it more user friendly for our customers."

Senior Process Automation Manager


  • Centralize processes to connect employees, customers and suppliers
  • Assess and develop business processes to improve company efficiency and remove wasted costs
  • Save time and increase productivity by automating manual tasks
  • Optimize customer contact center to improve customer experience
  • Create single point of reference for information for customer service agents
  • Integrate product lifecycle process with Sage ERP system
  • Standardize processes, such as purchase order requests
  • Connect legacy systems end-to-end on single platform
  • Automate processes to eliminate reliance on emails and offline work


  • Established ‘Connect’ program, using Bizagi as the central platform
  • 77,000 customer enquiry cases processed through new automated workflow
  • 33% faster customer call resolution, 6-minute calls now take 4 minutes
  • 7 days a month saved on call logs & resolution in customer contact center
  • System integration and automation presents all relevant data on one screen
  • All actions take place within Bizagi workflow
  • Supplier portal created in Bizagi Sites to promote product sustainability
  • 4,000 product lifecycle cases processed per month
  • Increased data accuracy as a result of system integration
  • Bunzl Connect seen as a showcase for other Bunzl divisions and geographies.