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Automation of Contract Acquisition Lifecycle Management System (CALM)


Automating handling of citizen interactions and payments for a federal pension system



faster case processing in audits

Transforme a maneira como você trabalha

Exceda as expectativas dos cidadãos e aumente a produtividade da equipe

Modernize seu cenário de TI para acelerar a inovação digital

Automatize serviços essenciais para atender aos requisitos regulamentares

Cultivate a deeper and more trusting relationship with constituents by creating a user-friendly environment

Modernize your IT landscape to create a more effective environment for your constituents

One thing that I love in Bizagi is it’s low code approach, but if you need, you can code. In some parts we have to cope with complexity and Bizagi has the tools to cope with the complexity as well.”

Carlos Sérgio
Project Director

Popular public sector automation examples

Acquisition management

Unify every part of the acquisition process and create a system that brings visibility to the entire end-to end process, while providing a complete audit trail.

HR onboarding

Create a single source of information to connect departments and deliver a fully compliant, more efficient onboarding process. 

Pension planning & management

Eliminate concerns over pensions by creating full visibility into the pension planning and management process. 

Disaster management

Get accurate, real-time data to the right people to minimize the effect on your operations and restore normality as soon as possible. 

Case management

Access real-time case information to deliver a faster, more personalized service to citizens.

Workman's compensation

Track and route all Workman’s compensation claims to the proper channels without having to bounce from system to system. 

Meeting the highest security standards

Bizagi Accessibility Conformance Report VPAT® Version 2.4

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