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Complete oversight of process


locations managed through a single platform

The fragrance arm of a luxury fashion brand was looking to transform its campaign management process, which oversaw the release of perfumes to its stores and department stores in over 2000 locations across the US. Multiple teams are involved in getting a product ready to launch into stores, with approval of quantities, locations needed as well as incorporating forecasting and finance. The process was carried out over Excel spreadsheets, and approvals were gained by asking senior members of staff over Teams, which gave no traceability, nor ability to track changes. 

The campaign management process has now been mapped out and automated in Bizagi, providing oversight so they can see the status of the process and know who owns which steps, allowing the department heads to oversee the process from start to finish. Bizagi pulls all data from its central ODS to a dashboard to provide a single source of data while integrating with PowerBI to provide visual dashboards. To eliminate bottlenecks and provide accountability, the 115 active users automatically receive email notifications when they need to take an action and approvals can be made directly through emails, rather than going into the system, saving even more time for executives.  

Bizagi helped eliminate the reliance on Excel files to manage product and campaign management. Now when a store is opening or bring refurbished, we can seamlessly get merchandise to a location.


Fragrance and Beauty, Tech Field & Operational Tools


  • Standardize campaign management process
  • Reduce reliance on Excel spreadsheets
  • Enable tracking and oversight
  • Provide visibility of status of over 2000 store locations
  • Enable traceable approvals


  • Automated campaign management process
  • 115 active users have complete visibility over end-to-end process
  • Automated notifications and ability to directly approve actions via emails
  • Integrated with PowerBI dashboards to visualize store and product data