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increase in efficiency


higher product output

Geesinknorba is one of Europe’s leading companies when it comes to the development and production of refuse-collecting vehicles and waste compactors. When 99% of your units are customized, you need a flexible, transparent manufacturing process to meet customer needs. They needed to implement process management to enable their Smart Factory and automate orders quickly to deliver a more intelligent product to customers.

Over the course of just eight months, Geesinknorba was able to create a smart manufacturing environment that is 45% more efficient than their previous factory. This new production process also enables them to be more flexible to the changing needs of their customers.

We can meet customer needs with intelligent, customized products, providing us with a boost in terms of the customer experience.



  •  Increase the efficiency of production using smart manufacturing
  •  Document processes to comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  •  Optimize and automate complex processes to accelerate production
  •  Develop production around the variation between base vehicles
  •  Allow for late changes to enable more flexibility for customer changes


  •  Decreased the manufacturing lead-time for each vehicle
  •  Increased the efficiency of production by 45%
  •  Increased production output by 40%
  •  Delivered compliance and visibility to processes
  •  Enabled flexibility to improve the customer experience