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Instant overview of end-to-end process


Complete traceability

Cofco International moves tens of millions of tonnes of grain a year. It needs to be sure it’s sending grain of the right grade to the right place, or both its reputation and its bottom line will take a hit. To make logistics even more complex, it also has to ensure that it keeps up-to-date with changing laws on grain standards for different countries all around the world. Cofco needed process to chart changes and tell staff about them.

They used the Bizagi platform to model an agile process. Cofco then turned the model into a digital dashboard with real-time information. This enabled staff, partners and customers to collaborate with ease as once information was entered into the dashboard, everyone had an instant overview of the process.

It’s important to choose systems that support and even help you to adopt an agile methodology”

Marianne Stouten

Global Quality Assurance and Compliance


  •  Increase speed of traditional IT development to deliver solutions to market quickly
  •  Achieve complete visibility of end-to-end supply chain
  •  Enable real-time updates for accurate communication
  •  Ensure compliance with ever-changing global regulations


  • Created an agile working environment using process modelling, working in small agile sprints
  •  Instant overview of the end-to-end process through centralized dashboard
  •  Once information is entered, visible to all employees
  •  Staff, partners and customers can collaborate with ease
  •  Complete traceability to ensure compliance