• International Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Company
  • International Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Company
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saved per year from land approvals


Compliant way of working, including audit trail

The international oil & gas exploration and production company sparked an initiative to digitally transform their land management application, which helps manage their sites. The organization was saturated in paper documents and rules by stringent legislation, so they wanted to make the business more transparent and efficient.

They set about re-engineering business processes to eliminate paper documents wherever possible. By uniting data sources, they created a centralized collaboration portal for document sharing and improved decision making. This led to an annual saving of over $85,500 per year.

The biggest benefit of digitizing a process is the improved audit trail. For us it's really important to have document retention, so to have them all centralized in one place has allowed us to make decisions we didn't even know that we were going to have questions about."

Director, Information Services


  • Use Business Process Reengineering to make the organization more transparent
  • Enable process automation across the business to digitize paper-based processes
  • Improve decision making to increase speed and efficiency of approvals
  • Ensure compliance of processes across the organization
  • Cement change management by encouraging adoption across the organization


  • Increased frequency of land approvals saved $85,500 per year
  • Eliminated duplication efforts with business process reengineering
  • Improved decision-making process with centralized collaboration portal
  • Delivered compliant way of working, including improved audit trail
  • Document retention as a result of digitizing their system
  • Change management program used to promote process-driven way of thinking