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of Chilean insurance industry using Bizagi


increase in rate of vehicle recovery


million records centralized

Chilean Insurance Syndicate enlisted Bizagi to help deal with one of Chile’s most prominent issues: the sustained increase in the rate of uninsured stolen vehicles.

Combining a centralized data repository, strong process automation, improved workflow and integration to the country’s Civil Registry, Chile’s 11 major insurers can now effectively search, discover and recover vehicles in ways never seen before.

We have gained the trust of the insurance companies; Prose-Chile can effectively track theft, thanks to process automation, improved workflows and integration of people and systems."

Systems & Processes


  • Automate the end-to-end process for vehicle claims and monitoring
  • Create a single, accessible repository for all claims-related information
  • Provide on-demand metrics for frequently stolen makes and models
  • Replace manual processes with a streamlined, electronic administration
  • Integrate with the Chilean Civil Registry to validate plate information
  • Instigate automated search procedures for all eligible vehicles


  • Bizagi used by 90% of the Chilean insurance industry
  • 17% increase in the rate of vehicle recovery
  • Over one million records centralized and made accessible via the internet
  • Chilean police automatically receive reports of vehicle theft
  • Better quality information and decrease in claims handling errors
  • Reduction of fraud in double or even triple pay-outs