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projected reduction in customer onboarding time


of commercial loan portfolio touched by digital workers


different systems integrated with Blue Prism RPA

Citizens Bank is a top performing bank, distinguished by their customer-centric culture. Their plan to ensure the highest quality customer service possible was to deploy Robotic Process Automation in their commercial lending process. But data that was being passed to robots was not in a standardized format, which meant it was not usable.

Bizagi is being used to initiate workflows and digitize the data, before passing it to Blue Prism RPA to be executed where appropriate. This coordinated data will help employees to provide responses to customers in real time, with a view to accelerate customer onboarding from 59 days to just nine days.

We’re using Bizagi to orchestrate all that data coming in. We’re using Blue Prism and Bizagi to remove the noise that occupies most people’s days, and leaving people with valuable work. And we’re doing it all in parallel - that’s really the critical piece.”

Matt Lavoie

VP, Head of Automation and iBPMs Development


  •  Implement RPA in commercial lending process
  •  Instate formalized workflow tool
  •  Unite colleagues and eliminate silos
  •  Improve customer experience by making data more readily available to employees
  •  Reduce time it takes to complete customer request – up to 30 days


  •  Customer onboarding time will be reduced by 85%
  •  Digital workers have touched over 75% of commercial loan portfolio
  •  Blue Prism RPA integrated with 40 different systems across the business
  •  Centralized team to focus on customers, co-ordinate customer data
  •  Able to answer and resolve the majority of customer questions in real time
  •  Customers can take different avenues to request services, all with excellent customer experience